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We drive innovation, increase access and empower the public sector to serve the communities we live in.

SagesGov was developed by a team of passionate entrepreneurs working closely with public sector officials on their daily challenges in regulatory compliance and approval processes.

Our journey began in the year 2000 building custom software for Cities, Counties and Government agencies. This experience gave us the necessary depth of understanding and foundation in the areas of planning, permitting, zoning, building, GIS, inspections, licensing and code enforcement. Following that, our company pivoted and put a lot of that knowledge we had gained, into building a cloud-based platform, SagesGov, to deliver accuracy, performance, support, and scale to the public sector.

We’ve experienced firsthand how tedious and time-consuming public sector, paper based regulatory compliance can be, or how expensive and limiting custom software solutions are — that’s why we built SagesGov.

Through our experience building custom software, we know that each jurisdiction is unique. Out of this depth of understanding we built the SagesGov product to be flexible and to align with the way your organization, your processes and your people work.


Our Mission

Our goal from the beginning with our SaaS offering SagesGov has been to ease entry, maintain affordability, and accelerate delivery, while empowering public sector officials to create and manage their own processes using Internet-based software tools.

Our Values

Innovate Through Design

The SagesGov product is who we are. We focus on intuitive design, sophisticated software tools that automate workflows, and creating a customizable yet scalable user experience.

Implementation & Integration is Fun

We enjoy technology and solutions that solve problems while working together towards common goals for the public sector.

Domain Expertise Matters

We understand the ins and outs of public sector regulatory compliance. This has allowed us to deliver innovative solutions using our product, SagesGov.

Staying Agile and Nimble

The public sector is constantly changing, and so are we. We are committed to staying nimble and agile as we grow.